Organic natural baby blankets – what makes them better?

Organic natural baby blankets, eco toys and clothes – but what does organic really mean?

All parents want what is best for their children and when it comes to infants especially. So the issue of what you put on their skin is particularly important but how many of us really know know what organic means and why natural baby products may be better for little ones?

Synthetic chemicals, additives, colours and preservatives can lead to skin irritations and conditions such as eczema in babies and small children. Their soft and incredibly sensitive skin simply isn’t designed to deal with harsh industrial chemicals and many parents are worried about the prospect of their little ones absorbing these unwanted extras.

Happily, there is a growing market for organic fabrics – organic baby blankets, eco toys, cotton clothes and other natural baby products. This means that you can create a  natural, soothing, and caring physical environment for your little one and help them to thrive and grow in the way that nature intended.

So what are the benefits of picking organic and other natural products for your babies?

1. Organic materials preserve your baby’s skin

Natural baby sheepskins are rich in lanolin which naturally protect and soothe skin. Equally, organic cotton blankets are made without chemical pesticides. There is a growing concern that the toxic load that comes with conventionally produced materials is storing up serious problems for youngsters. Some studies have found that the majority of carcinogenic pesticides are absorbed by children up to the age of five. This is because their skin is thinner, less resistant and has less natural oil – making it more fragile and susceptible to damage. Natural products help to provide protection.

2. Organic fabrics last longer

Conventional cotton may be cheap to buy but it starts to break down after just 10-20 washes due to the chemical treatment load that it has already been subjected to. These chemicals may include bleaches, scouring products, dyes, softeners, flame retardants and even formaldehyde spray. As well as being free from toxins, organic cotton ends up being cheape, lasting for over 100 washes before the fibres start to wear away.

3. Natural products look beautiful

Organic blankets, clothes and eco toys are beautifully designed and sturdy because they are produced with care and attention on a more limited scale than mass-produced products. This means that a lot of detail goes into their production and the end result is noticeable!

4. Organic natural baby products protect the environment

From baby sheepskins through to organic baby blankets, the use of natural products protects the environment, fragile water and eco systems and the livelihood of farmers. It helps farming communities by reducing the use of pesticides and creates healthier, happier environments as a result.

Natural baby products also give you a wonderful feeling of looking after your babies and children in the best possible way and providing a fantastic start in life. Their beautiful softness, gorgeous appearance and clean, natural finish is a real joy to behold. Care for them well and they may well also last for any further little arrivals in the family to come!

For more information on all things organic check out these valuable resources from the Soil Association.

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