Competition Time: “This Is Great”

Mee Mee was inspired by the birth of our little boy Vega. As a 46-year-old with a newborn, I had very little grasp of what babies or young children needed. It was a fast and steep learning curve! Whilst pregnant I hit the high street looking for all the essentials, experienced the sheer excitement of the impending arrival and being able to buy all those wonderful baby things. I got lost in the whirr of this buggy vs. that, to swaddle or not to swaddle, loving every minute of it. But the whole time I just couldn’t seem to find the things that we really loved, that our child would love and that would tell a story in years to come. As a baby Vega’s way of saying Mummy was Mee Mee and it stuck. We’ve come quite a way since then.

At Mee Mee, we are passionate about great design for children and we’d also really like to hear what you think. Our website is nothing without our lovely customers, so we want to ask for your help in finding really cool stuff that we could bring to everyone. A few years ago this would have been trendily called “crowdsourcing” or something, but we think of it as asking the people that matter (and that know!).

So we’d love it if you could tell us all about products that you think are great. It could be wooden toys or eco toys, nursery or playroom furniture, cool ride on’s or prams, organic blankets or lovely children’s bedroom decor, anything really – you decide! We will then set our mini product testers loose to see what passes the Mee Mee test. We are looking for things that children (and adults!) love, that are fun, really well made and that may be passed down or become treasured items whilst always adhering to our strong values of design, form and benefit to the child.

If we select your product for the Mee Mee store then, as a Thank You, we will send you one for free*, or, if you prefer a £75 voucher to spend with us. Everyone wins! Except maybe our mini product testers – who will have to do loads of extra “work”. Oh, and spare a thought for our product tester managers (also knowns as “the mums and dads”), as our testing sessions can be pretty noisy and hectic, to say the least!

We get visitors from all over the world and lots of our customers are well travelled, so we would also love to see some cool stuff from exotic locations as well as from independent designers or your local craft centre. So if you are reading this in Australia, India, Finland or Southend – don’t let that stop you from emailing us at

All you need to do is send us a link to a great product that you have found or even better a picture or video of it in action, together with the name of the product. Our vision is that we want our customers and followers to be a big part of what we do. This really is an exciting initiative for us – and one that we hope you would like to get involved with.

Terms and conditions apply. See here.

Product up to a maximum value of £75

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