Designer spotlight – SIRCH and their SIBIS Brand.

Take one look at the iconic children’s Max car, the Lorette trailer or the architecturally inspired Villa Sibis dolls’ house to understand Sirch’s philosophy in an instant. These are handcrafted creations that are made to reflect modern design aesthetics, providing safe, creative and inspiring play for their users – your little ones – whilst pleasing design conscious adults.

Sirch have a long heritage of designing and creating products in wood, having started in Germany over 30 years ago. Over that time they have evolved from the craft based traditions of coach building into a modern, award winning and art museum favourite design company producing a range of quite stunning wooden furniture and children’s toys under the Sibis brand name.

Rejecting the mostly static and uninspiring design and construction of most wooden toys, Sirch have a concept based on powerful aesthetic principles – “the kind of toys that would look good even in the most chic, modern house – beautiful enough to leave out, not tidy away” as Sirch say, or “intelligent design to intrigue and inspire children and to enhance the family home” as we say.

They describe their design ethos as “stemming from empathy with the elemental, with simplicity and with tradition”. This approach governs the work of Wolfgang Sirch and Christoph Bitzer and is unmistakable in the designs they produce together.

Wolfgang and Christoph were both born in 1964 and grew up together in Memmingen, Southern Germany. Wolfgang went on to study interior design at the Fachhochschule, Rosenheim and Christoph is an accomplished sculptor. They have been working together in the area of product design since 1994.

The Sibis product line which came into being in 2000 owes its name to the two designers SIrch and BItzer, their initials forming the basis of this simple but memorable brand name.

The two children’s ride-ons Max and Flix were Sirch’s first children’s creations, followed by contemporary twists on classic models; including  the Schorsch doll’s pushchair, a new take on the traditional baby walker, and  the very cool Franz wheelbarrow. The stunning dolls’ house ‘Villa Sibis‘ was created in the theme of architectural models for play and would easily grace the boardroom sideboard of any architectural practice!

Sirch create classic, modern iconic design at a surprisingly affordable price. All of their pieces are crafted from only the best materials and are produced by highly trained, expert craftsmen who take pride in creating beautiful yet functional pieces of art. Clean lines, sleek exteriors, and great style are all trademarks of Sibis furniture and toys.

Sibis products have been awarded the prestigious German “Spiel Gut” design award for toys and there has been recognition of their design by art museums worldwide, from New Zealand (the Dowse Art Museum), to Paris (CNAP) to Philadelphia (the Philadelphia Museum of Art).

Based in southern Germany’s Alpine foothills, the design, development and production all happens in one place, in a space-age looking production facilitywhich itself is a testament to modern day architecture (by architectsBaumschlager & Eberle), the building has featured in the international press many times for it’s cutting edge design.

At Mee Mee London we love the philosophy and approach of Sirch and we think you will too. If you value classic, heritage pieces that have been brought up to date and are made from only the best materials, using traditional craft techniques then you will surely also fall in love with their timeless iconic designs.

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